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Valley Neighbors is a community non-profit organization offering volunteer services and programs to seniors who wish to continue living independent, engaged lives in their homes and communities, with a little neighborly help.

Valley Neighbors is now offering limited services, following Covid precautions.  Join now during a special free membership enrollment period and your membership will run for one year!


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Together We Thrive
Together Our Community is Stronger
Together We Gain Meaning and Purpose
Together We Explore
Together We Comfort
Together We Learn
Together We Wonder
Together We Discover

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Join us at the Whately Town Hall or attend online via Zoom

  • April 5 - Talk by best-selling author Katharine Esty on the "Gifts of Aging"
  • Apr 18 - Geological History of the Valley, talk by John Brady, Professor Emeritus of Geosciences
  • May 3 - Laughter Wellness, a talk by Trevor Smith, a therapeutic recreation educator

NEIGHBORS aNd Volunteers, Helping Each Other

At the heart of our mission are members, but also people of all ages who volunteer to help.  We believe that connecting people in need to those who wish to help benefits both, as well as our community at large.
Founded by a group of volunteers in Whately and expanded to include Deerfield and Sunderland, Valley Neighbors is a community of neighbors helping each other.
Get help with minor household tasks, simple home  maintenance, and housekeeping, or technical help with electronics.
Get rides to medical and other appointments, social events, meetings, and book clubs, as well as grocery shopping and errands.
Valley Neighbors has begun to provide limited volunteer services to residents over 60 in Whately, Deerfield and Sunderland.

Contact Us

Valley Neighbors, Inc., PO Box 281, Whately, MA 01093 - 413 453-9057 - info @